10 Tips for Creating Awesome Videos to Increase Views and Drive Sales

(5 minute read) To some businesses, videos are unachievable masterpieces of art. They’re impossible to envision, and an utter waste of a marketing budget. On top of even thinking about creating a video, sharing them to social media accounts like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook rarely convert as effectively as you would hope for. Thankfully, Kernl... Continue Reading →


3 Minute Kernl Setup

Setting up an account takes less time than popping a bag of popcorn! With the following simple steps, you’ll soon have kickass videos that are shareable anywhere your customers are! Joining Kernl Click here to Download Kernl from the App Store Tap the “Sign Up” button (If you already have a Kernl account, tap “Sign In”) Enter your... Continue Reading →

Proof that the Future of Marketing is Mobile Videos

Five decades ago, “Plop plop, fizz fizz” was a jingle responsible for doubling Alka Seltzer’s profits. The catchy tune, quite ingeniously, suggested that consumers “plop” twice the previously recommended amount, which resulted in twice the revenue. Compared to today, it’s fascinating to realize how effective these “jingles” were, and how cutting edge “jingle marketing strategies”... Continue Reading →

Kernl is Ready for Takeoff (again)!

We’re practically jumping out of our chairs to announce, after months of testing, building, and rebuilding, our app is officially ready for launch! Kernl is an iOS app that lets individuals and businesses effortlessly create authentic and fun video content for products. In addition, Kernl means videos go wherever customers are; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Email […]

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