How a Fitness Company used Kernl to Make $5k in a Weekend

It’s imperative; Running a successful online business, no matter the size, entails creating engaging content. No longer can a few tweets, some pictures here and there, and perhaps a decent webpage hold the attention of your audience. There’s simply too much online noise to allow for thoughtless marketing. Without content that engages, anything your business wants to communicate, whether it be through social media accounts like Facebook or Pinterest, email newsletters, blog posts, web-page, etc., turns into white noise.

It gets worse; poor content is not only white noise for your audience, but also turns into busy work for you and/or your marketing team. Please, stop wasting your time on content that doesn’t engage your audience.

So, this all being said, what’s the easiest, most effective way to create engagement for your online business? It’s much easier than you think:

Video marketing.

In this article, I’d like to show a case study of how one business turned to video marketing with Kernl and generated $5,000 USD in a weekend. All in about 20 minutes.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s look at the play by play.

Enter Fit Lfe, a personal training business run by Serro Park in LA. It’s got a popular Youtube channel and Instagram account.

Let’s take a look at how Serro took advantage of Kernl’s “Shoot, Share, Sell” video marketing strategy.

Shoot: Serro took a few seconds to record a video with the free Kernl iOS app.  

With the iOS app Kernl, videos can be recorded, on the fly, in any location, and offer a ridiculously fast, authentic and, most importantly, engaging way to create content.

Serro used Kernl to quickly record a video with the great idea of participating in a “mannequin challenge” to promote a t-shirt he designed.

Share: Serro posted to his Fit Lfe Instagram.

Serro took the automatically generated URL for his video on Kernl, put this link into his Instagram profile description, and posted these two pictures:

It’s important to note that Serro could have posted his Kernl anywhere. It’s far from necessary to have an active Instagram account to achieve through Kernl and video marketing.

If you haven’t built up a social media account like Serro, for example, perhaps turn to Facebook, or your email list, and post a Kernl. Due to Kernl’s ability to be linked anywhere, the possibilities are endless. Experiment with the marketing channels that have been working for you. Kernl will be there to supply the most efficient and most engaging content for the channel of your choice.

Sell: 5k in revenue with a single video on Kernl.

How much did Serro make with a single Kernl shared to his IG followers?

By the Numbers:

  • 5 minute Kernl Setup/Record/Shoot
  • 155 T-shirts sold
  • $5,000 revenue
  • 3 days

Awesome. One of the main benefits of utilizing Kernl as opposed to any other video platform is that, in every video created, there’s a buy button located directly adjacent to the video itself. This frictionless buying process allows for consumers to watch a video and immediately click to purchase whatever’s showcased.

Serro ended up donating the profits from his $5k Kernl video to the Cancer Research Institute.

Content video marketing is as easy and effective as it’s ever been. I hope this case study has, at the very least, inspired you to download Kernl (it’s free!) and experiment for your business. Kernl can be implemented in the vast majority of marketing campaigns and dramatically increases engagement.

Next time you’re business creates content, consider how much engagement you’re losing by not including video.


(If you’d like an in-depth article about video marketing’s rampant success, click here to read “The Future of Marketing is Mobile Videos.”)


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