3 Minute Kernl Setup

Setting up an account takes less time than popping a bag of popcorn! With the following simple steps, you’ll soon have kickass videos that are shareable anywhere your customers are!

Joining Kernl

  • Click here to Download Kernl from the App Store
  • Tap the “Sign Up” button (If you already have a Kernl account, tap “Sign In”)
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Enter your full name and a username. Note: Your Username will be your store’s name
  • Tap the icon to upload a photo of yourself or your logo. (You can also choose to take a quick photo within Kernl.)

How to Import your Shopify Products

  • You can either login with your Shopify account info in the “Settings” tab (found in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard) or when recording your first video
  • After authenticating, Kernl will automatically import your products from your Shopify store

Gettin’ Paid!  

  • If you’re looking to sell and get paid through Kernl, first tap the “Settings” tab
  • Hit “Add/Edit Deposit Account”.
  • Enter in your seller and banking info

Dang, that was easy. You’re good to go!

Here’s a quick read to help shoot your first video.


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