10 Tips for Creating Awesome Videos to Increase Views and Drive Sales

(5 minute read)

To some businesses, videos are unachievable masterpieces of art. They’re impossible to envision, and an utter waste of a marketing budget. On top of even thinking about creating a video, sharing them to social media accounts like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook rarely convert as effectively as you would hope for.

Thankfully, Kernl solves these problems and much more. Quickly create video content, link them to any marketing channel and social media account, and enjoy the revenue from a “Buy Button” directly adjacent to each and every video you make.

Below are some tips to help you create your first Kernl in as little as a few minutes!

#1 Show People, Not Just Products

Your smiling face alone says a thousand words about your business. Personalities convey immediate authenticity to customers. This authenticity may be the the last thing a customer needs before finally pulling the trigger and hitting that “Buy Button.” Be a person, not just a billboard!

#2 Your Products are Authors

Although it’s important to have people in your Kernl videos, your products may have stories unto themselves. Emphasize them! For example, are you sourcing your product from Argentina? Did you begin producing your flagship product out of your mom’s garage? Is selling this product benefiting a cause? Think of the stories your products have already written and get shooting!  

#3 Lighting

Natural lighting is usually all you need. Shooting Kernl Videos close to windows during the day is a great way to brighten up your products. Best of all, daylight is free! (Who knew?!)

#4 Short!

If you’re seeking maximum engagement, create videos jam-packed with goodness but to the point. The length of your Kernl video should be from about 30 seconds to a minute, depending on the nature of what you’re shooting. No need to produce a feature film!

#5 Make it Count

The first 3-10 seconds are crucial. 20-25% of viewers will watch less than 10 seconds. Make the beginning of your video as engaging as possible to entice viewers to watch the entire video and then follow-through with a purchase.

#6 Make it Awesome

I know this one seems a tad obvious, but videos that are going to inspire your customers, or make them laugh, or make them think, are much better than boring videos. Feel free to spice up your videos as much as possible.

#7 Platforms, Shmlatforms

Don’t worry about which platform you’re posting to. Kernl can be linked anywhere. Feel free to post on all of your marketing channels– social media accounts, email campaigns, your website, etc.–and sort where the most engagement is coming from later.

#8 The “Buy Button”

It’s always a good idea to have a “Call to Action” or a CTA. Luckily, Kernl has a “Buy Button” built directly into each and every video. After you’ve recorded an awesome video clip, direct your customers to this buy button to ensure maximum revenue.

#9 Don’t Think Viral

Any video marketer will tell you, going viral should never be the goal of your video. Some videos blow up, and others don’t. If it were easy to go viral, there would be a lot of videos fitting this “viral format,” and then these videos would never go viral. Just focus on creating content your customers enjoy and your few minutes of work recording will be well worth it.

#10 Lighten Up!

The fun you have while shooting Kernl videos is contagious. The more fun you have with recording, the more fun your customers will have watching. Live dangerously! Drink that fourth cup of coffee that may be one too many coffees for the day, grab a colleague if needed, and have a good time!

If you enjoyed these tips and wanted to learn more about the benefits of video marketing, make sure to read this article about the future of marketing! (Hint: Mobile Devices and Videos!)


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